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9 months ago
I purchased several products from Duck Stew in the past. From face masks, to baseball caps, and I even purchased a cofee mug from their website. When the baseball cap arrived right out the box the, it actually fit! I believed I ordered the Snapback. I was also extremely surprised at how expeditiously fast their products arrive. Less than 48 hours from when I purchased my order, until it was in my hand. Their products are made from good material(s) and not flimsily made like some apparel is... On top of that it looked and felt great wearing it, even though I am not a person that wears a ton of baseball caps; or any caps for that matter. But I was blown away how reasonably price they were... I liked them so much I purchased two more. I wore my red one, one time I have not seen it since my wife wore it. I will end with this. I like their website layout its easy a 'scroll and find', no clutter and I definitely plan to purchase more fashion apparel from Duck Stew in the future.