Men's Premium Hoodie Aberdeen Colts

Yes the Premium Hoodie that says Aberdeen Colts on the front of these hoodies. Well let me explain. Aberdeen has a deep meaning behind its existence. Its a historical neighborhood in the city of Hampton Virginia. During Segregation This was the neighborhood where African Americans lived in this neighborhood where a community of people live together and had a lot of African American businesses Professionals and Shipyard employees. Well my family lived in the neighborhood and in that neighborhood we had community sports. And the first community Sports Little League Football team was the Aberdeen Colts. Well that is when our community came together and enjoyed sports where kids can play together and compete in neighborhood sports. Three Special Men in the neighborhood who started the league to bring kids together and show community involvement I give homage to three special Men Butch Harper My uncle Gilbert Stewart and Tony. These 3 men started a Legacy that develop great athletes one Special athlete is Allen Iverson. So I use Aberdeen Colts because it was a beginning of a Legacy. Now the quality of these hoodies are great. Warm we have all sizes. So come check it out get you one or 2 we will ship to you. Thank you for visiting